south american politicsThe Fortune Gobernardor (which is Spanish for governor of course) is a resource for anyone looking for political information regarding  the current environment in South American and Central America. We are sick and tired of being a group that is underrepresented and many people from across the globe have no idea what is going on in the world today in areas that are important to us.

The first step is learning about the horrors of what is happening in Brazil. With the 2016 Olympics being the attention of the world there are many videos circulating of criminals committing robberies to the tourists. What they are not aware of is the mass corruption that happens every single day in Brazil and it is no laughing matter.

When it comes to GDP or Gross Domestic Product Brazil is not a powerhouse. However, what does not help is that it is suggested that roughly 2 percent of all the GDP is gone because of corruption. Let that sink in – of all the production and work that happens in a whole Country, 2% is totally unaccounted for. This should not be commonplace. Another issue is bribery when it comes to all this legal and political. If you need to get a permit for your business it is complete commonplace to place a bribe to get what you need. Most private citizens are totally aware of this occurrence and what makes matters worse is this type of backwards mentality keeps the poor people poor and allows the rich to get ahead.